Steelpan Resources


K-12/Collegiate Steel Band Directory

The purpose of this directory is to facilitate communication between steel band directors and to enable research on steel bands in U.S. schools and universities. I am greatly indebted to various friends and colleagues who reviewed and contributed to this list.  Please cite this work if you intend to use it in a scholarly fashion.

Please refrain from spamming or soliciting customers from this list. This deteriorates the goodwill of people that have shared their lists with me. Please help keep this resource available by using it responsibly. ALL contact information from this list is publicly available on school/university websites. If you would like me to add a group to the directory, please use the following form:

Below is a link to a very active, professional steel band educator community. Please feel free to request an add:

Steel Band Directors Facebook Group

This Facebook group is associated with the National Society for Steel Band Educators (NSSBE). Please check out that site for resources and articles as well.

Below are a couple Prezis that I have used for conference presentations:

Motivations of Adult Beginners to Participate in a World Music Community Ensemble

A Survey Study of U.S. Collegiate and K-12 Steel Band Directors Attitudes Regarding Steel Band Curriculum and Pedagogy (2012)


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