How to Become a Better Music Teacher?

A few thoughts on life-long learning as we send freshly minted music teachers out into the field.

    -Humble yourself. There is always something you don’t know or are (currently) unable to do. Face these challenges head-on and hold yourself accountable.

    -Have others work with your ensembles. Pay close attention and take good notes. Ask for feedback (and be genuine in your request for feedback).

    -Talk less and ask questions frequently. Many people will gladly help you down the path, but they are horrible mind-readers.

    -Challenge yourself to listen/watch more accomplished groups than your own. Do this not only for performances, but ask to watch them rehearsals as well. Pay close attention to the routines of these groups and their directors.

    -Be active in professional learning networks and associations.

    -Challenge yourself to attend music educator conference sessions that address your weaknesses. It is far TOO EASY to attend sessions where we feel comfortable and/or accomplished.

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